Why don’t economists dare to think it through?

Why don’t economists dare to think it through?

A good example of an unthought-out economic statement can be found in the Belgian Business Journal TIJD of 15/12/2021 regarding “subsidized jobs tailored to the long-term unemployed”.

The respected socio-economic thinker makes the implicit assumption “ora et labora” and that we were born to serve politics. The article argues that the sick, the disabled, refugees, or those released from prison should be placed in government-created employment positions that diverge from market logic, given that they have a fundamental right to work.

First, we were not born to work, second, not to pay excess taxes, and last but not least, we are not a zoön politikon. What is fundamentally forgotten is the question WHO is work.

How should we deal with the abundant potential labor in the 21st century, where the Homo Labor has disappeared and space is being made for the Homo Activa.


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